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15 June 2013
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  • giggity: wtf is this really from the same artist that drew that tides of lust pic. If it is darwin that fool done stepped his game up cause this pic is awesome as hell.
    17 Jun 2013 19:48
  • SweetBlow: This one is amazing, I love her lips and the suggestion together with the title is damn great. Between "Beach Girlfriend of the Week Hina" and this pic there are worlds imo, unbelievable.
    16 Jun 2013 13:07
  • coco: I agree. I wish for Mr. Darwin to stay forever
    16 Jun 2013 05:49
  • ViviFan: Works way harder and faster, that's for sure. Details are outright insane. Finally, another artist next to Robert whose actually passionate about his work :)
    16 Jun 2013 04:10
  • ViviFan: Is this really the same artist that started on June 5th?!? I am left utterly speechless in amazement. If all you needed to do was get "adjusted" like the admins said then wow did you. Crazy good quality, and at an actual "daily update" pace. Good job finding new talent HK, and welcome to PiXXX Darwin!
    16 Jun 2013 04:05
  • coco: Here, I wont use an example from Robert's latest drawings "he was sick" nor his fist drawings " he's not adjusted" http://onepiecepixxx.net/index.php/2013/02/what-do-you-feel-nami/#comments after 3 years here, he never got Nami's face right...
    16 Jun 2013 03:17
  • coco: People, since Darwin started here, I wished they keep him as the new artiest for OP pixxx. This guy is WAY better than Robert. Most of u still believing that Robert's art is amazing, but I've never seen any thing that gr8 from him, in fact he never took it seriously,and his art is always rushed , but Darwin drew 2 of the best pictures in OP pixxx history, not only that, with those 2 pictures he's one step to Rex. Those 2 pictures r "Domino’s One Piece" ,and "Yummy Nami" If u indeed want Orig...
    iginal Artwork ,or as u promised in this site ,then make Darwin the official artist for this site.
    16 Jun 2013 03:07
  • SkaterBoiPC: Totally agree with you Red. I think Robert should get move to another site. We will just have to see. Also keep it up Darwin
    16 Jun 2013 01:51
  • Hentaifan: This pics is the best pic of pixxxsite ever Perfect lines, perfect colour
    16 Jun 2013 00:30
  • IXA: Whoa! Summer is in the air!
    15 Jun 2013 22:06
  • Redx13: I think it will be cool if Darwin stayed as the new artist for onepiece pixxx, his pics are in really good quality
    15 Jun 2013 22:05
  • acid: This artist is way better than rex.
    15 Jun 2013 21:13