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"Little Lesson About Medicine"

Tags: Nami, Nami After Timeskip,

13 June 2013
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  • Giovanny: Thanks very much Darwin for excellent artwork. You are really cool artist
    15 Jun 2013 08:50
  • sasori: Very nice! we need more of this pairing :D
    14 Jun 2013 09:52
  • MeduRachne: An Soul Eater Pixxx site would be welcomed :)
    13 Jun 2013 20:07
  • ViviFan: Not bad at all Darwin! Your Nami face really impressed me. A little more work on body details like solidified lining, shading etc as well as the male faces and you would be a welcomed addition to any Pixxx site! You have a lot of great examples to follow in Robert's work :)
    13 Jun 2013 18:58