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"Meet My Ice Breaker Whitey"

Tags: Zoro, Zoro(timeskip, Zoro After Timeskip, Whitey Bay,

16 June 2013
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  • OnePieceManiac: HOT !! Looks like Whitey Bay is enjoying herself ;) Loved this one a lot
    31 Oct 2013 09:36
  • someone: May you draw more about Zoro or Smoker? very nice painting!!!
    21 Jun 2013 11:49
  • DavidClayton: please you could make a picture of this girl??? http://24.media.tumblr.com/59f8bd2a3694610df7438cb10de00e72/tumblr_mkiuxymEIB1rgq5z1o1_500.gif MONET
    18 Jun 2013 05:08
  • Robert: wait...this isn't Robert...Robert is still recovering...this is me, Darwin T_T...
    17 Jun 2013 12:24
  • Naty: More Zoro vs Nami
    17 Jun 2013 02:41
  • hyugasan: wow, this me liked, this better :)
    16 Jun 2013 22:35
  • ViviFan: No problem Darwin! It's safe to say you're amazing all of us with your skills, details and work-ethic. This picture is no different - Whitey Bay looks fantastic. I am always happy to give credit where it is due to an honest, passionate artist. I hope HK will work out a way to keep both you and Robert on the PiXXX team, whether that means letting one of you take over another PiXXX site. High character artists like you guys are the type of people that make us fans want to keep supporting HK.
    16 Jun 2013 18:10
  • brian: much better. that other guy sucks
    16 Jun 2013 14:19
  • Gabriel: still .. you're drawing are better ..when will you come back ?
    16 Jun 2013 14:13
  • Robert: wew! Hello guys and girls (if there are). Thank you for the comments. The original One Piece artist is one genius in making that One Piece style! That's all I can say..Thank you again.
    16 Jun 2013 11:49