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6 June 2013
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  • Doujin: One of the best onepice pic that I've seen ever. Thanks very much Robert
    9 Jun 2013 18:35
  • glamorus: I too have no idea from where some people did got idea that pic made by rex. But I also finding all last pic wasn't made by Robert I guess we're got a new artist for here. Welcome to onepiecepixxx a mistery stranger, but could you be kind and introduce yourself and tell us what happened with Robert
    8 Jun 2013 06:50
  • Kougami: I disagree about Rex drawing this; he is skilled, but he would never take the time to solidify the character's outer black lining nor put this much effort in the coloring job. Not anymore at least. Compare the strong vivid colors in contrast to his usual "grey" fluctuating tones. I personally think they're experimenting with new artists either as assistants, working as a team or the possibility of replacements altogether. Despite what people here think, not everything that is "quality" is...
    drawn by Rex. It's not infeasible nor incomprehensible to believe they would look for new talents in the vast pool of artists outside it's current staff.
    8 Jun 2013 05:24
  • coco: I agree
    8 Jun 2013 02:35
  • near: Nami X Zoro
    8 Jun 2013 02:23
  • SweetBlow: I think this one is rex's doing. Facial expressions in perfection and rob didn't manage to draw 1 single believable nami pic. Hard to tell who did draw the other new pics. maybe hk is shuffling artists once again? Well the new naruto: mabui-pic is definitely ellery's doing, no doubt. the top layer (top bright & bot dark) says everything there. Well we will see... quality over quantity is it for me!
    8 Jun 2013 02:15
  • ViviFan: Nami's face is drawn well here!
    8 Jun 2013 00:09
  • Mizu: Yeah yummy ! *Q*
    7 Jun 2013 20:56
  • Legend: Best Nami Photo Ever!
    7 Jun 2013 20:32
  • Rosen: honestly, these are not like the pictures of before and I have no idea if these are designed by Robert or someone else, but I must say that this is not bad.
    7 Jun 2013 19:17
  • Heisenberg: Very stunning! :)
    7 Jun 2013 18:43