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5 June 2013
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  • Sayian: thank god, this was terrible
    7 Jun 2013 21:03
  • bilbi: The idea is good but the artwork isnt good
    7 Jun 2013 10:49
  • Mystogan: Its so easy to tell that this is not from robert u dont need to confirm, the style is totally different artist cant just change their habits out of nowhere. Anyways for this pic, they look compeletely different than the ones in the actual show.
    7 Jun 2013 09:32
  • HentaiKey: hi, yes robert suffered of a mild heart attack from what i have been told and still is not able to return to work as of yet. we have hired one extra artist now to make up for missed updates of all 4 pixxx sites, he will be working on onepiexpixxx till robert comes back then he will work on all sites so we dont have the issues with missed updates etc. regards The Rowan
    7 Jun 2013 01:41
  • Notapedophile: Dat kid drawing
    6 Jun 2013 19:05
  • Sj: Same, no offense but the art he's been putting up seems kind of...different.
    6 Jun 2013 17:41
  • ViviFan: That would make sense....I thought the artwork was completely different. Is this confirmed somewhere, or just purely your speculation? I didn't see any announcements.
    6 Jun 2013 07:03
  • Erebasu: How do you know that? I want Robert back.
    6 Jun 2013 00:13
  • SweetBlow: Haha lol that's not rob's doing! That's his substitute since rob is ill. Hope he'll recover soon.
    5 Jun 2013 22:35
  • IXA: Hey Rob, feeling any better? Your drawing seems a little off.
    5 Jun 2013 20:19