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You are nothing but Slave!

Tags: Boa Hancock, Lesbian, Strap-on Dildo, Shalulia,

30 November 2012
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  • Robert: thank you so much ViviFan..:)
    3 Dec 2012 15:53
  • ViviFan: Rex recently has compromised his detailed coloring and shading because of the workload and Ellery has never bothered with it, but you always take the time and effort to make every picture your best work. I noticed this has been the case from your early days as the Bleach artist, something you continue to do today. Because of that, almost all of your pictures look like they came straight from the anime. Just wanted to say thank you for being a true artist who never takes shortcuts but instead...
    puts pride and value into your art. Because of that, you will always be my favorite Pixxx artist Robert :)
    3 Dec 2012 08:51
  • hyugasan: uaaa, at laaaast! Shalulia in role Straponessa's, Rob you genious!!))
    30 Nov 2012 19:32
  • Edwardnewgate: Nice picture.
    30 Nov 2012 17:19