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"What If Nami Is A Mermaid?"

Tags: Nami, Nami After Timeskip,

23 June 2013
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  • Francesco: That ingiths's perfect for what I need. Thanks!
    20 Apr 2014 07:53
  • bruna: More Zoro x Nami please
    25 Jun 2013 03:15
  • Robert: Distance between shoulder to elbow...I think so too, but it must be because I bear in mind the MANGAKA's original style which is always seemingly dis-proportioned and disfigured style but still he manages to get a pretty presentable art style; I was trying to incorporate that way to my drawings...maybe I just need further adjustments to it. Thank you for the comments <strong>coco</strong>...
    24 Jun 2013 16:08
  • Robert: Sorry about the not-smiling-Nami...but you may view the updated version again. ^_^ -DARWIN
    24 Jun 2013 16:02
  • coco: Your drawing is way better than Roberts, but you have this little problem with arms. Usually the distance between shoulder to elbow is always the same as the distance from the elbow to wrist, but you always make the ratio 1.5to1 . It should be 1to1.
    24 Jun 2013 14:48
  • koy: hey darwin, thx for the rather fast request fulfillment :), i like it, just as said above, i think it would have been even nicer if she was smiling but still good :)
    24 Jun 2013 08:09
  • 007dragon: This is really good Darwin. You perfectly managed to create a legit looking Nami mermaid. Kinda wish she was smiling though, but this is still incredible
    24 Jun 2013 05:17