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This Spank will teach you Nami!

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14 February 2013
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  • Lertas: After watching episode 13 of One Piece i searched the net for Zorro spanking Nami and you just made my wish come true. Thank you very much =)
    17 May 2013 17:07
  • ViviFan: I can really tell you've worked on your Nami faces; of all of her pictures this one looks the most like the anime yet! Way to keep on improving :)
    18 Feb 2013 02:57
  • otakugene: lol Zorro looks like a pastor preaching at the pulpit with his right hand up in the air like that. "Praise be to the Lord for this voluptuous @$$"
    16 Feb 2013 04:20
  • IXA: LMAO That's exactly true! Another example: that severe samurai head said to her that her clothes seems to be ripped off by men when he first saw her wearing just bras (or should I say breasts band). Well, her only reply was that she just like wearing it - without any normal shirt. Oh damn, looking at Nami like that really makes me wanna grope her.
    16 Feb 2013 04:10
  • Zuko: bad idea, please stop this pics :(
    15 Feb 2013 14:43
  • gold beard: first of all, GREAT WORK ROB!! its even way hotter than I could have imagined! especially her body looks so good, the tits are great and making me crazy. I'm really happy @SweetBlow: yeah, I get your point. he drew nami because I wanted it this way, and I wanted nami because I like her the most and because I know her the most, just because she is a main character especially in a punishment-pic it is important who is getting this punishments, and you're right it should be someone innocent...
    looking. the thing is, the more I know the char, the more he has some innocence to me because you don't see him fucking etc. so even if it doesn't match her character, i still buy it more from her. bur a slighty similar pic with vivi would be awesome too, her character does really fit in that scheme
    15 Feb 2013 09:35
  • hyugasan: you being nice girl?
    15 Feb 2013 09:18
  • SweetBlow: I really like this pic but it would have been better with another girl. You always draw her as if she is an innocent girl, but I think that doesn't match Nami's character and that is propably the reason why I prefer your Vivi over your Nami although my fav girl is Nami. She did show her naked body to the boys in Alabasta and changed her clothes right in front of everyone (Water7Arc) and knows how to control men. "I deserve it, I've been a bad girl." That's the face she should have in my opinio...
    n. The feeling that she loves pleasure/sex/teasing/dominating/getting attention or doing crazy stuff like NEVER wearing underwear. That hentai would suit her. Hope you can understand my reasoning :)
    14 Feb 2013 16:45
  • naruhina x: oh yeaah.. punish this bitch more zoro as she is enjoying it alot.. wish next similar pic shows luffy and ace punishing robin 2gether >:-)
    14 Feb 2013 11:32