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The New Queen of Pirates

Tags: Nico Robin, Red Hair Shanks, Boobs, Kissing,

1 April 2013
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  • Nick: This guy Zuko is a funy guy, he is using new names for ask the same shit: Kissing. He is so silly that he use the same link: "Cave Lovers" for all his requests. Zuko, Stark, Vergo: Calm down man, everybody know who you are.
    3 Apr 2013 19:13
  • coolguy: Why 2hands
    3 Apr 2013 16:52
  • Nick: @Zuko: Shut up XDRAKE!!! Be more grateful and learn English.
    2 Apr 2013 17:03
  • SJ7: He's been in the hospital for weeks due to a urinary tract infection, and you're whining about your request like it never happened.
    2 Apr 2013 05:34
  • Zuko: tell me what happened to my pic, this does not even look like my original request, wait patiently all the time and give me this crap pic, sorry friend, I just want you to tell me what has happened, you had no desire to make my pic? ? or do I have many names to post my pic is taken into account? I hope you answer me ........
    1 Apr 2013 22:18
  • Bacon: Still a good pic tho
    1 Apr 2013 21:55
  • Zuko: what happen rob?? Is finish this pic?? Why no is the same position whit my original request?
    1 Apr 2013 15:26