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Tags: Zoro, 69, Perona,

4 December 2013
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  • WickedLady: I wish Robert done commissions does he have an art site where I can purchase
    24 Nov 2015 22:08
  • legendy punch: darn, if only i was a member....i would really fill the Perona tag page with some Usopp, he would be a better husband than Zoro anyway, Fighting powers aside Zoro is all looks, he has too many bad habits like alcoholism, sleeping too much and showers once every week, he is also too focused in getting stronger, still my second fav character behind luffy thou, but unlike most of his fanbase i dont glorify him.
    6 Dec 2013 15:18
  • Yasmin: More Zoro x Nami please *-*
    5 Dec 2013 23:47
  • Robert: your welcome Gabriel...:) @legendary punch, coz its a request from a member, no one request for usopp perona pairing..:)
    5 Dec 2013 17:45
  • legendy punch: can we have some Perona and Usopp for once? why just Zoro?
    5 Dec 2013 14:06
  • Gabriel: Hey! Robert, Thank you so much for my request. It’s a perfect pinup, everything is very detailed love their expressions and the christmas tree in the background! Thank you! :)
    4 Dec 2013 18:29
  • SanjiFan: excellent pic charm me much everything well done and very detailed I like Zoro is licking her pussy Perona and how she's sucking on his cock as she is having an orgasm another great masterpiece work more Rob
    4 Dec 2013 17:52