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The Children's Mother

Tags: Whitebeard, Missionary Position, Portgas D. Rouge,

5 August 2013
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  • ViviFan: This idea is really creative, and Robert's execution is right there to match it! Super! I really like how you put a lot of detail into both characters. I'm sure drawing Whitebeard isn't easy since he's so big, but it makes the picture so much better when both of them look this realistic. It reminds me of your "Feel my Absolute Power!" and "War in Marineford" pictures, which are also fantastic. 5 stars for all three pieces, thanks for working so hard to make such beautiful artwork! :)
    6 Aug 2013 15:41
  • hyugasan: Portgas D. Rouge super!! nice work, nice tits!! :))
    5 Aug 2013 19:57