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The Amazon and the Swordsman

Tags: Marguerite, Zoro, Zoro After Timeskip,

17 July 2013
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  • Commenter: Zoro is a real handsome man and I love his cock
    11 Oct 2015 13:45
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  • OnePieceManiac: Love this pic though am a not a fan of this pairing I prefer Zoro & Vivi ( by the way , how come there's no Zoro & Vivi pics ) Good Job anyway :D
    9 Aug 2013 16:03
  • SanjiFan: oh my god this pic is great expression on his face like good job margaret
    19 Jul 2013 16:10
  • ViviFan: As always your Marguerite portrayals are spot on! Really great seeing more of her. Hope you're feeling better, and can't wait till you get back into the groove of things! :)
    19 Jul 2013 07:16