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Tags: Domino, Sadi-chan, Fingering, Foursome, Reverse Cowgirl, Yuri, Hancock,

15 February 2016
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  • Aidan: <strong>sorry I was referring the request to the previous guest wall we had before the Suggest here form. I wasn't very well informed about upgrading the site with suggestion forms and I thought I still be doing the requests on the Guest wall, thank you for informing me and I will disregard all requests on the wall from now on. <em>- Regards Aidan<3</em></strong>
    19 Feb 2016 19:04
  • Delmar: Well I find this pic very sexy and I don't really care about all that being said up above. I gave up on requests a long time ago. Since I only ever seen one of my request fulfilled.
    18 Feb 2016 13:59
  • LeOnIdAsSpArTaN: Hey hey take easy man do not act like that to the artists they do what they can there is not need to be rude. They need to better manage their schedule? yes, not all but a couple need, but that's not reason to be rude with them please.
    17 Feb 2016 18:57
  • LeOnIdAsSpArTaN: I noted that too i own an account there on another alias and for some reason those members requests always comes first here on hk pixxx. No offence Aidan but i'm adressing my request to Lexus as well. Our complaint is not about you accepting requests for same members because they are also members and like others they deserve their request as well but you are fulfilling requests for those who already have requests here and alot. So think about others who don't have a single request mate and be f...
    airer for your next requests. Just my advice you don't have to reply or follow.
    17 Feb 2016 18:38
  • Westes: Guilt tripping, are we? What do you mean "not dropping anything to Aidan anymore"? Aside from maybe Onepiecepixxx, you have no requests addressed to Aidan. Bah, it only means less work for Aidan anyway.
    17 Feb 2016 15:05
  • Master.G: Aidan you should go back to whentai or sailormoonpixxx and leave onepiecepixxx for Lexus and Robert please.
    16 Feb 2016 00:17
  • BIZZARRO: What is your problem Aiden why are you skipping requests to fulfill those from members that are all from whentai first are them your beloved members or because my request was about heels and/or tanline? You can forget about my request i ain't dropping anything to you on any site anymore. Robert and Lexus can handle the requests here very well without you. And feel free to ignore and not approve this comment like i care...
    15 Feb 2016 18:42