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Luffy Great Sex Adventure 05

Tags: Luffy, Laki, Sideposition,

12 December 2011
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  • Daz: Luffy's face is much better drawn here imo.
    14 Dec 2011 02:30
  • Nste: It won't be long when luffy fucks every female member of the series.
    14 Dec 2011 02:29
  • fapfapfap: Luffy: "grunts* ugh uh ugh urgh" Laki: "eh... What are you doing there..? Stop dat" Luffy continues: "ugh urgh uh uh" This is how i imagine the conversation based on their expressions. Luffy looks like hes putting in work and Laki is like "where did this kid come from? Gosh would he just leave my pussy alone? Annoying".
    12 Dec 2011 21:41
  • xxxLover: Hey Robert amazing pic!!! But this is Luffy Great Sex Adventure 5 no 4 and you must tag this pic. PLease make my request.
    12 Dec 2011 20:12