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Tags: Nami, Sanji, Doggstyle,

24 April 2012
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  • Daz: excellent pic once again.
    25 Apr 2012 11:19
  • Robert: thanks Sting for appeciating my humble artwork... :)
    25 Apr 2012 08:56
  • Robert: thanks xxxLover...
    25 Apr 2012 08:55
  • Robert: Nope, were on the same salary, i really want to give you updates daily specially to those subscribers who paid for their requests...thanks you guys for keep supporting hentaikey sites... :)
    25 Apr 2012 08:54
  • xxxLover: Because they are lazy and never respect the order in the suggestion box, by the way Thank you for the daily updates Robert, you are the most active artist.
    25 Apr 2012 05:19
  • Sting: Atleast Rob is very kind and professional and provides us daily updates everyday. His art is better than ellery's btw. Pic is once again, great. Flawless.
    25 Apr 2012 02:47
  • Hey!!!!: Hey someone from hentaikey can explain why Rex Ellery become so fucking lazy and even don't try to support daily updates?
    24 Apr 2012 22:26
  • b@d uchiha: Hey Robert How I see you're only one pixxx-artist who try to support daily update and fulfil alot requests, this must be really hard, And me very interesting: does hentaikey are paying you more than others artists or hentailey to pay the same money to all artists but you work more than others while rest is simply are more lazy
    24 Apr 2012 22:04
  • Reaver: sanji finally got some! good for him
    24 Apr 2012 19:37