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Lost in the Ghost Island

Tags: Sanji, Nico Robin, Spoon Position,

6 December 2011
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  • Hiori: Sry for the miss understanding i meant if rob can switch sites and draw a few bleachpixxx and the a few one piecepixxx anyway im not forcing anyone to do anything
    7 Dec 2011 15:45
  • Anon: and what about this site? drop all work at the request of one guy..?
    7 Dec 2011 12:58
  • Hiori: Hey rob you seriosly have to come back to bleachpixxx i really miss you proffesional artwork since the site got ruined when you left. Please consider and think about what i just said and anyway the pic is wonderful. Thanks see ya
    6 Dec 2011 18:09
  • MF DOOM: jaja thanks bro for make my request, robin is sexy
    6 Dec 2011 15:27