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"I think Luffy will surely like this"

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15 April 2013
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  • Elena: Yo, stumbled on this just know. Very good aticrle. Just want to add, in manga vs comic, japanese tend to be more dynamic in composition, they pay attention to panel, the story has better flows, when u read a fight scene, u really felt the emotions, the movement of the character. American comic, it is too static for me, it's such a shame because the arts are beautiful in american comic. Maybe because in manga usually everything is done by the i person whereas in american comic it is done by diffe...
    rent writers, penciller,colorist, so the mood, the feel, the message was lost along the proccess.
    22 Apr 2014 00:23
  • IXA: Hey Rob, I just realize something about this picture. Think you can fix the blur and the lining on her body, and repost it?
    22 Apr 2013 17:54
  • koy: i like this one, just one comment tough: is it me, or is it getting more blurry if you go from her boobs to her butt?
    18 Apr 2013 20:27
  • IXA: Silk is definitely my girl to see. Say Rob, the way you drew her in this picture resemble Lucy from FT
    18 Apr 2013 14:30