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5 August 2013
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  • ViviFan: I always enjoy your Gloryhole series--all of the pictures are always high quality :) Makino's body looks great, and the interracial with the penis is a nice touch that makes this piece much more interesting!
    6 Aug 2013 15:34
  • ach0131: Hey Rob, when you click on one of the tags, it no longer displays the next page. For example, if I click on Makino, it no longer shows anything beyond the first page of her archives. Is this something new implemented so that people can see all the artworks by getting membership? If so, I'm happy to get it, but was just wondering if this was a problem to be fixed, or just something you get with a membership. If anyone knows the answer, that would be appreciated. Thanks and great job a...
    s always.
    6 Aug 2013 05:25
  • hyugasan: ooo yeeees!! i love gloryhole!! Makino great!!
    5 Aug 2013 19:52