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Tags: Laki, Sengoku, Daibutsu,

23 December 2013
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  • ViviFan (The Original): Amazing details!! Laki's breasts are sensational and Sengoku looks just like the original, plus he's somehow literally shining haha! Very impressive. I think it's a great pic, and I'm happy to see there are other Vivi Fans! :D
    24 Dec 2013 05:51
  • ViviFan: Good Pic. It would have been perfect but for a little detail being overlooked - she's missing her hot bellybutton.
    24 Dec 2013 04:11
  • SanjiFan: Great pic for Christmas Sengoku and Laki but would be better with Hina's still a great all well detailed the expression of the face of Laki me charm like this in a position that fascinates me want my request for Luffy and Rebecca excellent pic this new year
    23 Dec 2013 17:51