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Tags: Zoro, Perona, Spoon Position,

29 August 2013
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  • Dicks: You drew an amazing dick I can't believe zoro had this much of load
    12 Mar 2018 14:19
  • Anonymus: His dick on her pussy locks good!
    22 Nov 2014 22:17
  • CaptainFalcon: Yes please! more Usopp x Perona!
    1 Nov 2013 15:41
  • elguaro3: Pretty nice, but we need more Usopp x Perona, they look better, and Zoro is too asexual to even think about doing this, now Usopp...., but yeah, more Perona x Usopp would be awesome.
    11 Sep 2013 01:32
  • ViviFan: Perona's body looks phenomenal! Amazing how you were able to parallel her unique violet skin color and then do beautiful shading on top of that. Looks like Zoro had a fun 3 years :D
    29 Aug 2013 16:48