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"Ready For Rear Entry"

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26 June 2013
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  • ViviFan: Makino has such an attractive smile :D And also, who wouldn't love a girl all nude in that position, especially with all of her bits showing. It's a great picture, with much more detail/contrast than your last one. That does SO MUCH for a picture. Although sounds like you were quite tired from your previous description so I can understand that. Stay strong and keep up the great work!
    27 Jun 2013 08:06
  • Aqua: It's world record, Darwin !!! Just today I did made this request and just today this request was fulfilled. This was indeed the flash-made and even shame that another artist even not so close to your speed about the work with member;s requests, meh Datass and perfect smile are always been an priceless combination and nice work with background also commendable Thanks Dude
    26 Jun 2013 19:43