Q. Who are you?

A. I’m Robert(Pen Name) New Artist of OnePiecePixxx.Comic artist/Illustrator. OnePiecePixxx is actually my second Adult-COntent Job. I started working as Illustrator when I was 15 years-old (I’m legal Now)

Q. What is your site about?

A. It is about One Piece(obviously.) but I think most importantly, It’s about the Wild Fantasies of One Piece Fans  that are being Materialized in this site.

Q. Are all the content originally made by you?

A. Of course! But not everything though. I usally do get imputs from the Followers (One Piece fan) of this site.

Q. What are your main inspirations?

A.I think my inspiratations are from the Great Artists that I adore, like Kubo Tite(One Piece Mangaka) and other Brilliant Artist all over the world.

Q What has been your most important achievement in life so far?

A.  Being an Artist that I am Now. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be a profesional Illustrator, and I am happy that I were able to fulfill it. But I guess the Achievements in my life that I can brag about is that. I started Working at my early age indefendently. and so far I do believe that I’m reaching my Goals little by little.

Q. What projects do you hope to work on in the future?

A. I hope to make more One Piece Pixxx Illustrations. well maybe At some point, I’ll be Branching out. but for now, I’m at my Happy Place and I enjoy doing the awesome Requests from those who supports this Site. and I am thankful for that.

Q. How would you rate yourself from 1- 10 base on artist experience?

A. hmmmmmmmm. there is a Diplomatic answer for this, andwill not make me seems like a cocky, But I guess, If I were to Rate Kubo Tite(One Piece Mangaka). I’ll Give him 10 and I’ll rate myself 12. ahaha(kidding.) But seriously. I think I’m at my full Potential at the moment. I can do things that the other Artist Can and Can’t Do. so I guess I’ll Give my self 9.5 ahaha there’s always a room for improvement. and Artistry is an ever evolving profesion. you can’t be stuck on the same thing forever.

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

A. An Improved Artist that can tacle any illustrating work (hopefully I’ll be Sickeningly-Rich, hey! its ok and free to Dream, right? ahah )

Q. Who is your favorite One Piece character and why?

A. God, this is the hardest question!.. hmmmmm..

I think Ao Kiji.

Q. How can i request an artwork?

A. Register to HentaiKey and login here and post your request and the suggestion box.