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requeested by beberino

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  1. Hana/Lucario says:

    I have a quick question. The image damndes the site; Are all accepted or only some? And what day should I apply for that is most likely to see our request made?

  2. Robert says:

    hey Hana/Lucario who are the artist you made the request? if that is request for me i defenitely do can write again your request..and i will check it..thanks


  3. Hana/Lucario says:

    Well a few minutes ago, I made a demanded’image to you. Ace and Robin.
    And there were also several weeks, I came to apply to you as well but under a different username. It was with Robin and Bartolomeo.
    After the rest of the other requests I had made several weeks ago was Luxus.

  4. Robert says:

    just saw it now. please use youre Hana/Lucario username. and make a request on the artist you like….also please vote after the request is done..

    only one suggestion at a multiple request within same account on the same day..thanks

  5. Hana/Lucario says:

    But the request I made yesterday will it be accepted? My username was gxvcbtq

  6. Hana/Lucario says:

    So, Robert?
    Can you at least make my request yesterday? The one with Robin and Ace?
    My ID was gxvcbtq

  7. Wohiatneh says:

    Double boobjob for a Double pleasure! Love it!

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