Zoro x Robin
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Hi everyone, this one is from an artist interested to join Please let us know your review and what you guys think of its quality. Thank you!

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  1. Sautome says:

    I can also send samples of my work?

  2. Tenchi2k says:

    her face must be hard to draw, Robin’s face doesnt look right, but that can be improved.

  3. Celto says:

    It’s pretty good! If he/she joins, One Piece Pixxx will have 2 artists!

  4. Hidan says: is for Robert! I like the art of the new artist but you must give him a new pixxxsite.

    • Same fag says:

      Shut up Pixxxmember, Hercule, Nick, Be ware Aidan, Yellow, Kami. Trolls opinions means nothing maggot.

    • Unknowman says:

      Ha ha ha don’t make me laugh bitch and who’s gonna pay the new guy? you?. Shut your fucking mouth and go spread your nonsence bullshits along your ‘everyone who request is Edwardnewgate’ on some other site. Grow up man.

  5. julia34 says:

    I liked! He keep the design features and to me is that one of most important steps! Details can be resolved as are being drawing! This artist promises, and will help Rob to keep site update daily! Awesome!

  6. Cmh92 says:

    Awesome work I think he/she would make an awsome one piece pixxx artist

  7. ZoroFan says:

    Good Job ! This pik is Mervelous and welcome to the new artist !

  8. Nayoop says:

    Good job !

  9. daz says:

    you drew zoro extremely well
    robin needs work however.

  10. farhan5988 says:

    the face drawing has to improve. she is much prettier in the anime.

  11. Zantiago says:

    This is the same artist SailormoonPixxx, those strokes and recognize that style. But should show more images of other artists. So that you can choose the best. As they did with Bleachpixxx

    • Celto says:

      No it’s not!

      Why would the artist of SailorMoon Pixxx post artist samples when he’ already been hired by HentaiKey to work on SailorMoon Pixxx?

      Are you stupid?

  12. Shussy says:

    Looks good, but to improve I think they should do thinner lines and more detailed genitals. Other than that, looks great :)

  13. DoubleTrouble says:


  14. dhaumya patel says:

    plz make more nico robin fuck

  15. yeah I like that a strong man and handsome is fucking her she must be lucky

  16. tigertail says:

    Yeah yeah yeah long and hard cock,big balls,strong and handsome man and exellent position

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