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title given by Buscock

26 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    I lol’d ;D great pic btw!

  2. luigirocks96 says:

    My navigator XD

  3. Buscock says:

    you are my slave

  4. XDRAKE says:

    excellent job robert. my title “always be my navigator” ;)

  5. QZAE says:

    i’ll name it ”stick fish from behind”

  6. Gabriel says:

    this is my title =) ! Evil Sex !

  7. Captain_Guy says:

    My True Power!

  8. HKChris says:

    Fish in a barrel.

  9. dekiju says:

    Nice one Robert. My title: “Impaling Shark Attack”

  10. naruto0234 says:

    you still belong to me!

  11. fafa says:

    How bout this one, “Kneel before me, human!!!”

  12. Ichigo says:


    My title: “The Only Thing Humans Are Good For!”

  13. IXA says:

    Pay Me or Else!

  14. Shirohiga says:

    Welcome to my crew. That should be the title

  15. Ace!!@@ says:

    my title : I will never let you go!!

  16. crash says:

    “I’m your captain!”
    Nice Nice!! More Nojiko and Nico Robin!! Try something lesbian with them…..

  17. Ichigo666 says:

    The Condition for take back my village

  18. mnk says:

    Title : “Help me, LUFFY!”

  19. Scarlet says:

    Nice pic ^^
    Title should merely be “My Human slave”, or maybe “Condition to save the village”

  20. SILVERS COCK says:

    pues creo que quedaria bien estos

    “yo soy superior a los humanos”
    “no solo es mi navegante”

  21. Zoppern says:

    How about “Screw the money. I got you!”?

  22. Puffers says:

    Enjoy Your Sharp Fish Stick!

  23. ian says:

    Navigate This!

  24. FapFapFap says:

    title should have been “My Dick is Dis BIG!”

  25. SJ723 says:

    This pisses me off. I like your art but the thing Arlong did and this just aren’t right.

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